Chimpanzee tracking.

Around 400 troops of habituated Ruwenzori Black & White Colobus, more than 15 primates species including habituated chimpanzees, once you get in the park , you won’t be disappointed, viewing chimpanzees depends on the season also, especially in the summer or high season going from mid-march up to ends of august, you will meet the park professional guides who will lead you into the park at (Cyamdungo and Uwinka station), better to start the tracking at least 10:00" AM because the guides must make sure where these primates spent their previous night.

Birds in Nyungwe National Park.
For Birds lovers, the park offers you the forest boasts of about 310 bird species that reside into. The great blue turacos, red-breasted sparrowhawks ,giant horn bills are among the most common residents of the forest, you just get ready with your photo camera to snap them, also there are about 27 species that reside in this tropical forest, these ones are endemic to this Albertine Rift Valley portion, the Nyungwe National Park reserves you more surprises.



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