Nyiragongo volcano Hike

Located in East of Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nyiragongo is one of the most beautiful volcano that features the world’s largest lava lake, high of 3,470 meter of altitude , the last eruption was in 2002 where the lava were flowing to the lake kivu by destroying houses and buildings on its way. Nyiragongo’s forested lower slopes are resorts for some type of animals like monkeys, chimpanzees and some bushbuck. There is a way for a visitor to see the boiling lava just by standing at the rim of Nyiragongo volcano, it is amazing also to peer that churning lava lake where molten lava gases explode, but one thing for the tourists, that place is totally secured.
Once a client of Jambo Africa Tours books for volcano hiking, he is driven to the starting point, KIBATI patrol post, you will meet the park rangers for hike breathing, porters are always available for hire if you find if necessary.
4 up to 6 hours is the average time of reaching the summit but this depends on the fitness of each group, as you gain the altitude as you realize that you are progressing much enough, the only thing that can hinder the hike is the case of sickness for some hikers but the measure is already taken to fix all of it, know that the real begins at 1989m (6,525 ft) of altitude and ascends to 3470m (11,382ft) of altitude in a short time but there is possible adaptation of the changing of altitude if sweat and get hydrated.
Prevention is better than cure, visitors before taking a decision to climb that high maintain , first of all they should speak to their physicians about taking preventative measures before making the climb and make sure that they are well fit.
It is also possible to hike from the bottom of Nyiragongo volcano and coming back, but you may spend almost 10 hours and you need to be typically fit, but we always advice our clients to camp on the summit because they gain much advantages from it like peering down the malting of lava during the night, and also experiencing the climate is high altitude also gain much energy for coming back the next day. When a client buys a permit there is a basic accommodation that is offered on the summit especially for those who choose to overnight, no fee charges.
KIBATI (35 minutes from Goma town) is the entrance and the starting point of Nyiragongo volcano climbing, normally you are required to be there before at least 10:00 am, 9:00 is the ideal time to be at Kibati rangers station for checking, the hiking is well led by the rangers that you meet at their Kibati station and then you are given some briefing before any climbing activity. 6:30 – 7:00 is the set time of descending the volcano to reach again the departure point at least 11 up to 11: 30 minutes then there is a possibility to meet your flight out at Kigali the same day or if you still have time, you can make « Goma city tour». With Jambo Africa Tours.
• It is strictly recommended to provide rain and cold weather gear ( jacket, rain resistant pants, warm socks, long underwear, hat is also necessary, fleece, do not forget the moisture-wicking base layer and your sleeping bag, note that the mountain is high and the temperature on the top bluntly changes, cold is certain even though you may have sweated during your climbing but at the summit you will meet a freezing temperature that may lead you to hypothermia if you did not bring all the tools listed above, also a complete gear for rent is available for those who did not come with theirs .
• Depending on a tourist preferences, the packed meal (lunch and dinner) services can be arranged just for the starting point during the check out, snacks can be brought by a guest himself, if not he can find some includes in his meal package. Packed meal plan includes snacks, lunch, and dinner on Day 1 and breakfast and snacks on Day 2. Water is also included for both days.
• There are porters for hire available on the starting point, they are not compulsory as a guest can choose either to carry his/ her bag or hire a porter not exceeding at least 15 kg of weight, the park rangers can help to arrange with porters.


CategoryPrice (in USD)
Adult (international) 300
Adult ( Local) 90
Child (International, >10 years) 175
Child ( Local , >10 years) 25
Nyiragongo volcano trekking permit was set by the ICCN (Institut Congolaise de Conservation de la Nature).



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