The untouched natural rainforest filled with exciting biodiversity.
Nyungwe forest is located in the south west of Rwanda, around 1000 km square, the forest gives it natural view state and remain the unique Africa mountain rain forest after the equatorial rain forest in D.R.Conngo, remains untouched for centuries, it is home of different birds species. The Nyungwe forest recently was transformed into Nation Park, is also home of wildlife and birds, tracking habituated Chimpanzees, walking canopy or getting a relax by waterfalls, witnessing beautiful birds for its lovers , are some of the activities that the forest offers you.


Chimpanzee tracking.
Around 400 troops of habituated Ruwenzori Black & White Colobus, more than 15 primates species including habituated chimpanzees, once you get in the park , you won’t be disappointed, viewing chimpanzees depends on the season also, especially in the summer or high season going from mid-march up to ends of august, you will meet the park professional guides who will lead you into the park at (Cyamdungo and Uwinka station), better to start the tracking at least 10:00'AM because the guides must make sure where these primates spent their previous night.

Home to roughly 310 bird species, the park gives you the way to learn about birds, you will meet your knowledgeable guides who will identify easily the birds just hearing the sounds, there are also around 12 birds’ species which are endemic to the Albertine rift. The guiding price is just $50 for birding, for more info email us on info@jamboafricatours.com for reservation.

The canopy walkway gives you a new view perspective, it is hung 60 meters above between the giant trees, and this enables you to get a stunning view of the Nyungwe forest, this canopy walk way is part of one the park multiple trails. Children must be accompanied by their parents or their guardianship, do not forget to bring your raincoat. Cost is $ 60 each


Once done with these above activities and still have time to discover more, we suggest you to visit KITABI cultural village located to the eastern edge of the park, the cultural village features a campsite, a restaurant and much more provide history of Rwanda to visitors with a model of the king's palace.
Still have time? Good! in this time you can choose to do a day trip organized by the KITABI cultural village where really will let you get in touch with Rwanda traditional lifestyle including : Banana beer production, Traditional dance ceremony, and more… then you will end up by staying in traditional Rwanda hut for accommodation, price $ 40 .

One more attraction activity you can do according to your choice, is the Banda Village located in the heart of the park, no much effort to access there! No far from the canopy walk, if you choose this option as additional activity in Nyungwe forest, you get in here the opportunity to learn much more about Rwanda culture along the walk like: Rwanda traditional medicine healing, maize-grinding in performance you learn too! If you have booked to overnight, well, a big fire will be made by you for experience and a traditional dance is reserved for you. Won’t be bored.



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