Agahugu katagira umuco karazimira «Rwanda proverb» there is no country without a culture, we believe that the identity of people is based on his own culture and the country's existence is based on its history and culture heritage.
Before the extension of European colony in Africa, Rwanda was leading by the monarchy power for more than four centuries, the country has a rich history that dates back to the Kingdoms, colonial and post colonial times but this remain undiscovered for decades.
To restore the Rwanda historical values and aspects, since 2007 the government has set about six museums up today which come from only one museum dated before 1994 genocide, it gives the important of heritage sites by establishing the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR) like: the Presidential Palace (Kanombe, kigali), king's palace museum ( rukari, in nyanza distict), the Environmental Museum in Karongi district, the National Art Gallery-Rwesero (in Nyanza District), the History Museum (Kandt House in Kigali city)



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