RWENZORI Mountain hike

Trekking the Rwenzori mountain will let you speechless, height of 5,109 m (16,761 ft), by climbing Rwenzori you will experience a stunning variety of landscapes, including bamboo forests, alpine meadows, lakes, and snow capped peaks, the Rwenzori mountain is located in the north –east of Virunga National Park, many attractions will be on your favorite list, hence its flora and fauna gives you diversity of some wild animals like Okapi, chimpanzees, elephant and different variety of birds, It is totally frozen on the summit.

  1. Short trip : 5 days climbing ( 3 days up and 2 days descending)
  2. Full trip: 7 days ( until you get to Marguerite peak, 4 days up and 3 days descending)
How to get on Rwenzori Mountain
1. Goma – Beni: this way is somehow costly one, as you have to flight into Beni ( in the north) for $200 and then take a taxi for $150 which will drive you to Mutwanga ( the Rwenzori starting point), if this way looks much more long and costly you can probably choose this second option below.
2. Kampala – Mutwanga: if you are planning to make an adventure on the Rwenzori mountain , you can also use this second way, flight into Kampala( Uganda) and then take a public bus or hire a jeep to Kasindi ( border D.R.Congo-Uganda) and then take a taxi also for $ 150 which will drop you to Mutwanga where you will meet your guide.

Permit price.
The Rwenzori permit cost is $ 200 for those who would like to climb or trek, you will also pay an additional fees of $ 166 for accommodation, and the flight cost into Beni from Goma is $ 185 and $ 15 of tax.
Important Note!
It is better to know in advance that you must get much information about the climbing or trekking the Rwenzori Mountain, otherwise it won’t be easy to do it if all equipments are not ready, thus there are places (track) where a climber is supposed to overnight in the huts, a climber must bring with him a gear and provide food before any activity in the mountain.
The peak of Marguerite as well as the other summits are always frozen, a climber will need all full equipments like Bivouc gear, crampons, ice axes, for those trekkers who target to reach the summit hut, don’t forget to bring your rain gear, a base warm layers and good hiking boots.

All treks and climbing activities are guided by the park ranger; if you need a porter you will get one for hire not a bag exceeding at least 15 kg just for $ 10 a day but if your fit, you can carry it yourself.
These months are good for Ruwenzori activity: from January through mid-March and June to late August.

The trekking permit cost for Rwenzori: $ 200 Adult (international).
$ 45 Adult (local)



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